Genus Torpedo


Torpedo adenensis - The Aden Gulf torpedo has been collected from three distinct but adjacent locations in the eastern Gulf of Aden, close to the coast of Yemen, at depths ranging from 26 to 140 meters.


Florida torpedo - Like other Torpedo species, the Florida torpedo has a relatively circular pectoral fin disc, two dorsal fins with the first larger than the second, and a stout tail.

Pacific electric ray - This species was originally described by William Orville Ayres in 1855 as Torpedo californica, and subsequently placed in the genus Tetronarce by Theodore Gill in 1861.


Maataa - The New Zealand torpedo, Torpedo fairchildi, is a species of electric ray of the family Torpedinidae found only around New Zealand, at depths of between 5 and 1,100 m.

Blackspotted electric ray - The black-spotted torpedo, Torpedo fuscomaculata, is a poorly-known, uncommon species of electric ray in the family Torpedinidae, known for being capable of generating an electric shock.


Smalldisk torpedo - The smalldisk torpedo is a species of fish in the Torpedinidae family.


Argentine torpedo - The Argentine torpedo is a species of fish in the Torpedinidae family.

Marbled electric ray - The Gulf torpedo is the most widespread of the electric rays in the western Indian Ocean, with a patchy range extending to South Africa, Somalia, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman Sea.

Torpedo - The Chilean torpedo or torpedo electric ray is a species of fish in the Torpedinidae family.

Order : Torpediniformes
Family : Torpedinidae
Genus : Torpedo