Trapezoid torpedo

The Trapezoid torpedo lives in the demersal, marine environment.

* Trapezoid torpedo, Torpedo tokionis (Tanaka, 1908). * Common torpedo, Torpedo torpedo (Linnaeus, 1758). * Chilean torpedo, Torpedo tremens de Buen, 1959. More

Trapezoid torpedo, Torpedo tokionis (Tanaka, 1908). ... Shoulder Disorders ... 2 bands: Conoid and trapezoid Connects the coracoid process to the clavicle, ... pain, numbness, and paresthesias Shoulder slipping in and out of place, ... More

Common names

Trapeziumsidderrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Trapezoid torpedo in English
Yamato-shibire-ei in Japanese (日本語)
东京电鲼 in Mandarin Chinese
东京电鳐(圆电鳐) in Mandarin Chinese
東京電鰩(圓電鰩) in Mandarin Chinese
東京電鱝 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Torpediniformes
Family : Torpedinidae
Genus : Torpedo
Species : Torpedo tokionis
Authority : Tanaka, 1908