Florida torpedo

Like other Torpedo species, the Florida torpedo has a relatively circular pectoral fin disc, two dorsal fins with the first larger than the second, and a stout tail.

The Florida torpedo lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 229 - 229 m environment.

The Florida torpedo, Torpedo andersoni, is a rare species of electric ray in the family Torpedinidae, notable for well-developed electric organs capable of delivering a strong shock. More

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Common names

Florida torpedo in English
Florida-elrokke in Danish (dansk)
Floridasidderrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Floridasidderrog in Unknown
Torpedo andersoni in German (Deutsch)

Order : Torpediniformes
Family : Torpedinidae
Genus : Torpedo
Species : Torpedo andersoni
Authority : Bullis, 1962