The Goosefish lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 180 - 460 m environment.

Goosefishes are a family, Lophiidae, of anglerfishes. They are found in the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans where they live on sandy and muddy bottoms of the continental shelf and continental slope, at depths in excess of 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). More

The goosefish is so unlike all other Gulf of Maine fishes that there is no danger of mistaking it for any other once it is seen. More

Goosefish rest partially buried on soft bottom substrates and attract prey using a modified first dorsal fin ray that resembles a fishing pole and lure. Goosefish are piscivorous and commonly eat prey as large as themselves. More

The liver of goosefishes, known as ankimo, is considered a delicacy in Japan. Species - American angler (Lophius americanus) at the New England Aquarium. More

Goosefish, Lophius americanus, Life History and Habitat Characteristics (1999) NOAA Fisheries Service Sustainability Species Identification for Monkfish Fishery Management: New England Fishery Management Council Monkfish Fishery Management information including FMP and amendments, SAFE reports, and updates More

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Goosefishes have an enormous capacity for food and eat almost any kind of fish, various species of birds (they have been reported to eat geese!), turtles, and invertebrates. They apparently can swallow fishes that are equal to their own weight. More

and more fishers began to go after goosefish in New England and the mid-Atlantic. As a result, goosefish, too, became overfished. * Populations have recovered according to a 2007 stock assessment. More

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* American goosefish (Lophius americanus) American goosefish (Lophius americanus) * CONCEPTS * PEOPLE * PLACES * THINGS * anglerfish More

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Goosefish inhabit sand, mud and broken shell bottoms in waters ranging from about 32 More

goosefish definition goose·fish (go̵̅o̅s′fis̸h′) noun pl. More

alternate name goosefish alludes to the fact that the monkfish has been known to engulf marine birds when it enters shallow coastal waters at high latitudes during the winter months. More

on fish, while smaller goosefish also rely on invertebrates such as shrimp. The most important fish prey for small goosefish is sand lance (sand eels). Monkfish have a reputation for being cannibals; however, there are relatively few documented cases of cannibalism. More

The goosefish, a species of angler fish, has a flattened body and camoflauge coloration in order to ambush it's prey goosefish eating a skate The goosefish can prey on relatively large organisms like this skate herring A school More

Common names

Challenger monkfish in English
Fishing-frog in English
Goosefish in English
Hime-ankô in Japanese (日本語)
奈氏拟鮟鱇 in Mandarin Chinese
奈氏擬鮟鱇 in Mandarin Chinese
指鮟鱇 in Chinese (中文)
指鮟鱇 in Mandarin Chinese
繸瓣指鮟鱇 in Chinese (中文)
繸瓣指鮟鱇 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Lophiidae
Genus : Lophiodes
Species : Lophiodes naresi
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