Coloured righteye flounder

The Coloured righteye flounder lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 214 - 800 m environment.

Coloured righteye flounder; African righteye flounder; Huysman's righteye flounder; Tile-colored righteye flounder; Three-spot righteye flounder; Deep-body righteye flounder; Large-scale righteye flounder; Flounder; Tropical flounder; Southern flounder; Broad flounder; Fine flounder; Speckled flounder; Patagonian flounder; Gulf flounder; Japanese flounder; Summer More

Common names

Coloured righteye flounder in English
Dapa in Tagalog
largespot flounder in English
Pad-pad in Davawenyo
Palad in Cebuano
Palad in Tagalog
Palad in Waray-waray
黑斑瓦鰈 in Mandarin Chinese
黑斑瓦鲽 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Pleuronectidae
Genus : Poecilopsetta
Species : Poecilopsetta colorata
Authority : G