Pleuronectidae - Righteye flounders are a family, Pleuronectidae, of flounders.

Soleidae - The true soles are a family, Soleidae, of flatfishes, and include species that live in salt water and fresh water.

Achiropsettidae - The southern flounders are a small family of flounders found in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters.

Achiridae - The American soles are a family of flatfish occurring in both freshwater and marine environments of the Americas.

Paralichthyidae - Large-tooth flounders are a family, Paralichthyidae, of flounders.

Bothidae - Lefteye flounders are a family, Bothidae, of flounders.

Citharidae - The Citharidae are a small family of flounders.

Cynoglossidae - Tonguefishes are a family, Cynoglossidae, of flatfishes.

Scophthalmidae - Scophthalmidae is a family of flatfish which includes the turbot.

Samaridae - Samaridae is a small family of flounders.

Psettodidae - P. P. P.