The Boarfish lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 115 - 585 m environment.

Boarfish is the common name of two unrelated groups of fishes: * All fish of the family Caproidae are called boarfish. * Some fish of the family Pentacerotidae are called boarfish. Disambig gray. More

View from the bow of the Boarfish in the Chukchi Sea in 1947 View from the bow of Boarfish (SS-327) in the Chukchi Sea in 1947 Career (US) United States Navy ensign Name: USS Boarfish (SS-327) More

USS Boarfish (SS-327), a Balao-class submarine, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the boarfish, a fish having a projecting hog-like snout. More

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Boarfish is a Game Framework for game developers , which provides features to create compelling 2D and 3D Games , in a reasonable simple way . More

Boarfish is a common name, so it is not surprising that fish from two different marine families, from two different orders, with superficially similar snout-shaped faces share this name. More

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The USS Boarfish SS-327 was launched on May 21, 1944. It was a Balao-class submarine named after a fish that has a hog-like snout and was built by the Electric Boat Company out of Groton, Connecticut. It was commissioned into the Navy in September 1944. More

Boarfishes typically have three anal spines that are completely separated from the soft rays of the anal fin. When viewed from the side, boarfishes appear almost rhomboid, or diamond-shaped, owing to the angular profiles of their backs. More

Boarfish (SS-327) was laid down on 12 August 1943 at Groton, Conn., by the Electric Boat Co.; launched on 21 May 1944; sponsored by Miss Barbara Walsh; and commissioned on 23 September 1944, Comdr. Royce L. Gross in command. More

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Boarfish received one battle star for her service in World War II. Researched by CTRC Donald J. Wagner, USN (Ret.) & Sait Kucuk, CPOS (Ret),Turkish Navy for NavSource. Specifications: Displacement, Surfaced: 1,526 t., Submerged: 2,424 t. More

USS Boarfish was transferred to the Turkish Navy in 1948 and served until 1972 as the Sakarya S-332 when it was returned to the US and sold for scrap in 1974. More

Boarfish (Paristiopterus labiosus) Photographs and Information = wpeC.jpg (2780 bytes) wpeC. More

This boarfish, Capros aper, was brought to me by Guernsey commercial fisherman, Shane Petit, on 23 February 2002. Boarfish are rarely caught in Guernsey waters. They are common in deeper water in the western English Channel. More

boarfish definition boar·fish (bôr′fis̸h′) noun pl. More

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Common names

Boa-hishidai in Japanese (日本語)
boarfish in English
Galo-do-fundo in Portuguese (Português)
Kortpigget havgalt in Danish (dansk)
Ochavo redondo in Spanish (español)
Pez combatia in Spanish (español)
pez pecarí in Spanish (español)
Sanglier rond in French (français)
shortspine boarfish in English
短棘菱鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
短棘菱鯛 in Unknown
短棘菱鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
短棘菱鲷 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Caproidae
Genus : Antigonia
Species : Antigonia combatia
Authority : Berry and Rathjen, 1959