The Batfish lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 274 - 550 m environment.

The Longnose Batfish has a horizontally flattened body, mottled reddish-brown to a dark tan; it may have dark spots along the sides and fins. In behavior, it is closely related to frogfish. More

Platax, the batfishes, which are kept as aquarium fish. They are spade-shaped, laterally compressed, and very symmetrical triangular dorsal and anal fins. They are shiny silver with areas of yellow and vertical brown or black banding. More

Batfish (SS-310), at Muskogee, OK. Batfish (SS-310), at Muskogee, Oklahoma. More

Home » Plants & Animals » Saltwater Fish » Walking Batfish in the Aquarium Walking Batfish in the Aquarium = Care and Feeding of Ogcocephalus - © Sarah Goodwin-Nguyen May 23, 2009 More

Batfish, the Champion submarine-Killer Submarine of World War II (Book, 1980) Author: Hughston E. Lowder, Jack Scott BEST PRICE $0. More

(fish scientists) or walking batfishes to those in the aquarium trade. During my time as both a hobbyist and graduate student, I noticed a great lack of information about these fishes both in the aquarium trade and in science. More

The red-lipped batfish (Ogcocepphalus darwini) is an unusual looking fish from the Galapagos Islands. It belongs to the family Ogcocephalidae, whose members are commonly referred to as batfish. More

Batfish is a name given to several fishes: * Malthe vespertilio of the Atlantic coast. * The flying gurnard of the Atlantic (Cephalacanthus spinarel). * The California batfish or sting ray (Myliobatis californicus). More

Batfish is a rock band led by singer Simon Denbigh after he was fired by the March Violets. It was originally called the Batfish Boys and changed its name to Batfish as of the release of its fourth album, Batfish Brew (1989). More

Saltwater Aquarium Batfish is a saltwater fish that can easily be the centerpiece of a marine aquarium. Batfish are quite personable More

The term batfish is used for many different fishes, but predominantly for the members of the families Ogcocephalidae and Ephippidae (especially for the species belonging to the genus Platax). The term batfish is also occasionally used for species belonging to other families. More


The Batfish Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization. Your Tax deductible Donation will go to up-keep & repair of the Batfish & to help honor & remember those still on patrol. More

The polka-dot batfish was first described as Lophius cubifrons by Richardson in 1836. This name was later changed to Malthaea cubifrons and then to the currently valid Ogcocephalus cubifrons (Richardson 1836). More

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Batfish are generally found in shallow waters from the Chesapeake Bay to the West Indies. (SS 310: dp. 1,525 (surf.), 2,415 (subm.); l. 311'8"; b. 27'3"; dr. 15'3"; s. 20.25 k. (surf.), 8.75 k. (subm.); cpl. 66; a. 10 21" tt. More

USS Batfish shown as a museum on land. More

Most Batfish can reach a size of around 15 inches in captivity and adapt well to the average home aquarium. Batfish grow extremely fast and an adequately sized tank with plenty of swimming room must be considered. More

The Batfish Memorial Foundation was established on May 13, 2003. It recieved it 501(c)(3) desigantion from the IRS April 28, 2004. More

Batfish can reach a size of around 15 inches in an aquarium, and over 20 inches in the wild. Batfish are usually recognized by their elongated dorsal (top) and anal (bottom) fins when young. More

Indo-Pacific, batfish are often found in coastal areas, mangrove swamps and brackish water. Brackish is a term that refers to the water in areas where rivers flow into oceans. More

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batfishbatfish - bottom-dweller of warm western Atlantic coastal waters having a flattened scaleless body that crawls about on fleshy pectoral and pelvic finsfamily Ogcocephalidae, Ogcocephalidae - batfishes: sluggish bottom-dwelling spiny fishesacanthopterygian, spiny-finned fish - a teleost fish with fins that are supported More

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batfish definition bat·fish (bat′fis̸h′) noun pl. batfish -·fish′, batfishes -·fish′es any of various strangely shaped marine fishes; esp., 1. More

Common names

batfish in English
Iga-f˚ry˚-uo in Japanese (日本語)
Iga-fûryû-uo in Japanese (日本語)
星点长鳍蝠鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
星点长鳍鲾鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
星點長鰭蝠魚 in Mandarin Chinese
星點長鰭鰏魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Ogcocephalidae
Genus : Solocisquama
Species : Solocisquama stellulata
Authority : Gilbert, 1905