Greater eelpout

The Greater eelpout lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 251 - 1090 m , usually 251 - 350 m environment.

The greater eelpout is a bathydemersal species usually found at depths over 200 m off soft bottoms. Text page icon Description Lycodes esmarkii is an elongate species reaching up to 70 cm in length. More

Common names

DÌlamjóri in Icelandic (Íslenska)
esmark's eelpout in English
Esmark's ellpout in English
Esmarks ålebrosme in Danish (dansk)
Glowik esmarka in Polish (polski)
Grande lycode in French (français)
Greater eelpout in English
lycode d?Esmark in French (français)
lycode d'Esmark in French (français)
Ulvefisk in Norwegian (Norsk)
Úlvfiskur in Faroese (Føroyskt)
艾氏狼綿鳚 in Mandarin Chinese
艾氏狼绵鳚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Zoarcidae
Genus : Lycodes
Species : Lycodes esmarkii
Authority : Collett, 1875