Texas blind catfish

The widemouth blindcat's closest relative is the flathead catfish, Pylodictis olivaris.

The Texas blind catfish lives in the bathydemersal, freshwater, depth range 305 - 582 m environment.

Texas Blind Catfish, Widemouth Blackspot Shark, Widemouth Blindcat Common Names in Finnish: Kitasokkomonni, Luolapiikkimonni Common Names in Mandarin Chinese: 寬口撤旦鮰, 宽口撤旦鮰, 寬口撤旦鮰 Common Names in Polish: Slepak Szerokozebny Description More

Common names

Bredmundet blindmalle in Danish (dansk)
Kitasokkomonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Luolapiikkimonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Slepak szerokozebny in Polish (polski)
Texas blind catfish in English
widemouth blindcat in English
宽口撤旦鮰 in Mandarin Chinese
宽口撤旦鮰 in Unknown
寬口撤旦鮰 in Mandarin Chinese
寬口撤旦鮰 in Unknown

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Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ictaluridae
Genus : Satan
Species : Satan eurystomus
Authority : Hubbs and Bailey, 1947