Thaumatichthys axeli

Thaumatichthys is a genus of deep-sea anglerfish in the family Thaumatichthyidae, with three known species.

The Thaumatichthys axeli lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 3570 - 3570 m environment.

* Thaumatichthys axeli (Bruun, 1953) Both this species and T. binghami have relatively shorter premaxillaries, at 23.5–27% of standard length. More

The wolftrapangler Thaumatichthys axeli is a sit-and-wait ambush predator with a luminescent lure hanging from the roof of his overshot mouth, which is fringed with hooked sharp teeth. This anglerfish hovers just above the substrate (not sitting on it). More

Prince Axel’s Wonder Fish or Thaumatichthys axeli is a strange looking deep sea saltwater fish. Much like the Anglerfish, this fish has a bioluminescent organ projecting from its toothy jaws. More

Thaumatichthys axeli from the sunken city of Atlantis should have the reverse effect. More

Common names

Klokkeknebel-angler in Danish (dansk)

Order : Lophiiformes
Family : Thaumatichthyidae
Genus : Thaumatichthys
Species : Thaumatichthys axeli
Authority : Bruun, 1953