The Eelpout lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 550 - 588 m environment.

The International Eelpout Festival is not responsible for accidents before, during, or after event. Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions and property at all times. Travel on ice at your own risk. More

Eelpout, Maria loch, skin ling, spineless catfish, lawyer. The name burbot comes from the Latin barba, or beard, referring to its single chin whisker, or barbel. More

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eelpouteelpout - marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seaspoutblennioid, blennioid fish - elongated mostly scaleless marine fishes with large pectoral fins and reduced pelvic finsfamily Zoarcidae, Zoarcidae - eelpoutsviviparous eelpout, Zoarces viviparus - an eelpout of northern Europe that is viviparousfish doctor, More

Minnesota, On Ice Tour's home turf, eelpout is most common. The bearded wonders are frequent byproducts of hardwater walleye and lake trout trips. But the time has come for eelpout to share or possibly steal the limelight. More

eelpout definition eel·pout (-po̵ut′) noun pl. eelpout -·pout′ or eelpouts -·pouts′ 1. More

The ocean pout is an eelpout in the family Zoarcidae. It is found in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of New England and eastern Canada.... (Zoarces americanus), which may reach 1.1 meter. More

The viviparous blenny or viviparous eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) is an eelpout in the family Zoarcidae. It is notable for giving birth to live larvae (hence the description "mother of eels"). It is a common soup ingredient in Mediterranean countries. More

Anyone for fishing eelpout? Not me! I've never been to the eelpout festival in Walker either. I hate the slimy things. An eelpout is really a freshwater ling cod and that's about as much as I want to know. How you go about cleaning ling cod is beyond my comprehension. More

eelpouts, in an old rubber boot, in Blacks Harbor, Passamaquoddy Bay. More

eelpout in the United States? Can you catch creek chubs and fry them for supper? These questions and more are answered within the pages of Fishing for Buffalo. More

Eelpout party on when many gamefish seasons have closed and panfish enter a mid-winter funk. The snakelike critters actually spawn during February and March. More

The eelpout is an eel-shaped little fish, a funny looking little fellow, who is being used by German researchers to study the effects of rising temperatures in the North Sea. More

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The white, snake-like zoarcid, or eelpout, is the most common fish seen at hydrothermal vent sites. Hair-like projections ("cirri") line the webbed arms of this deep-sea octopus. These projections may help it sense food in the darkness. More

Common names

Antarctic eel pout in Unknown
eelpout in English

Order : Perciformes
Family : Zoarcidae
Genus : Lycodichthys
Species : Lycodichthys dearborni
Authority : DeWitt, 1962