Roughskin dogfish

The largespine velvet dogfish, Centroscymnus cryptacanthus, is a sleeper shark of the family Dalatiidae, found on the lower continental slopes between latitudes 50°S and 54°S in the southeast Pacific Ocean from the Straits of Magellan, and the southwest Pacific from New Zealand, at depths of between 650 and 920 m.

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The Roughskin dogfish lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 650 - 920 m environment.

Range of the roughskin dogfish (in blue) Greyreefsharksmall2. More

Merrett described the roughskin dogfish as Squalus asper in 1973. Shortly afterwards, this name was changed to the currently valid Cirrhigaleus asper (Merrett 1973). The genus name Cirrhigaleus is derived from the Latin "cirrus" which means curl fringe and the Greek "galeo" meaning a shark. More

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Common names

Langstekelijshaai in Dutch (Nederlands)
largespine velvet dogfish in English
Pailona jume in French (français)
Roughskin dogfish in English
Sapata espinuda in Spanish (español)
大棘异鳞鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
大棘異鱗鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
大棘荆鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
大棘荊鯊 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Squaliformes
Family : Somniosidae
Genus : Proscymnodon
Species : Proscymnodon macracanthus
Authority : Regan, 1906