Abyssal halosaur

The Abyssal halosaur lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 1100 - 3300 m environment.

* Abyssal halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir (Günther, 1878). * Genus Halosaurus * Halosaurus attenuatus Garman, 1899. * Halosaurus carinicauda (Alcock, 1889). More

Abyssal Halosaur Halosauropsis macrochir Abyssal Halosaur Halosauropsis macrochir gouache paint More

* Abyssal halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir (Günther, 1878). More

The largest species, the 90 centimetre long abyssal halosaur (Halosauropsis macrochir) is also one of the most deep-living fish, recorded at depths of 3,300 metres. Halosaurs have developed certain adaptations to life at these extreme depths, where no light penetrates. More

the abyssal halosaur is found in waters up to 2.5 km deep. Another answer Sarah from Pepe Cortese: If by "Dinosaur fish" you mean "Ichtyosaurus", no, we probably won't find any of them. More

stomach of the abyssal halosaur Halosauropsis macrochir (Teleostei) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Journal of parasitology 2007;93(4):901-6. More

Common names

Abyssal halosaur in English
Black halosaur in English
Halosaur in English
Halosaur černý in Czech (česky)
Kuroobi-tokagegisu in Japanese (日本語)
短吻拟海蜥鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
短吻擬海蜥魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Notacanthiformes
Family : Halosauridae
Genus : Halosauropsis
Species : Halosauropsis macrochir
Authority : G