Longbeard grenadier

The Longbeard grenadier lives in the bathydemersal, non-migratory, marine, depth range 439 - 1000 m , usually 500 - 600 m environment.

* Longbeard grenadier Ventrifossa macropogon * Palau grenadier Ventrifossa macroptera * Misaki grenadier Ventrifossa misakia * Slimehead grenadier Ventrifossa mucocephalus * Ventrifossa mystax * Conesnout More

Common names

longbeard grenadier in English
Longbeard whiptail in English
長頜凹腹鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
長頜凹腹鱈 in Unknown
长颌凹腹鳕 in Mandarin Chinese
长颌凹腹鳕 in Unknown

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Order : Gadiformes
Family : Macrouridae
Genus : Ventrifossa
Species : Ventrifossa macropogon
Authority : Marshall, 1973