The Alepocephalus lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 250 - 780 m environment.

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Alepocephalus tenebrosus; Dolomedes tenebrosus; Dicamptodon tenebrosus; Alepocephalus bicolor; Alepocephalus bairdii; Alepocephalus rostratus; Alepocephalus australis; Total Images : 16 Page No. More

Revision of the species currently referred to Alepocephalus, Halisauriceps, Bathytroctes and Bajacalifornia, with introduction of two new genera (Bulletin ... of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College) I own the rights to this title and would like to make it available again through Amazon. More

* Small scaled brown slickhead, Alepocephalus australis Barnard, 1923. * Baird's smooth-head, Alepocephalus bairdii Goode & Bean, 1879. More

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Order : Osmeriformes
Family : Alepocephalidae
Genus : Talismania
Species : Talismania bussingi
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