Reproduction is ovoviviparous, with two to nine pups per litter.

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The Archbishop lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 128 - 400 m , usually 300 - m environment.

In Christianity, an archbishop is an elevated bishop. In many Christian Churches, this means that they lead a diocese of particular importance called an archdiocese, or in the Anglican Communion an Ecclesiastical Province, but this is not always the case. More

An archbishop or metropolitan, in the present sense of the term, is a bishop who governs a diocese strictly his own, while he presides at the same time over the bishops of a well-defined district composed of simple dioceses but not of provinces. More

archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the Lutheran churches of both Sweden and Finland have an archbishop. For more information on archbishop, visit More

Archbishop of Canterbury = From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Part of a series on the Anglican Communion Canterbury Cathedral - Portal Nave Cross-spire. More

You are here: home >> archbishops >> archbishop wilton d. gregory Archbishop Wilton D. GregoryThe Most Reverend Wilton D. More

archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to 1109; one of the founders of scholasticism * Becket, Thomas a Becket, Saint Thomas a Becket, St Thomas a Becket — archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 More

The Archbishop of CanterburyThe Archbishop of Canterbury About Rowan Williams Search * Contact * FAQ * Home More

* Archbishop's Address - Christian Distinctiveness in our Academies * Act local as well as national urges Archbishop * Anniversary Ceremony for Momoyama Gakuin More

Archbishop Milingo wants to see a priest in every parish. He feels it is the Will of God to bring priests back as full, vibrant and active ministers of the word and Eucharist. More

Canterbury)ReadyGreek Orthodox Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens Greek Orthodox Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens Part of a series of articles on Christianity Christianity Foundations Jesus Christ Church · Theology New More

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ARCHBISHOP OF LOUISVILLE = His Holiness Benedict XVI appointed Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., as the fourth Archbishop and ninth bishop of the Archdiocese of Louisville on June 12, 2007. More

The functions of the archbishop, as at present exercised, developed out of those of the metropolitan; though the title of archbishop, when it first appeared, implied no metropolitan jurisdiction. Nor are the terms interchangeable now; for not all metropolitans are archbishops,' nor all archbishops metropolitans. More

Fourth Archbishop of Hartford * Ordained December 19, 1962, in Rome * Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of New York November 1992 * Ordained Bishop by Pope John Paul II in Rome January 6, More

Archbishop of Canterbury = 2008/9 Schools Wikipedia Selection. More

Archbishop of Canterbury Lambeth Conferences Primates' Meeting Anglican Consultative Council Background Christianity Catholicism Apostolic Succession English Reformation People More

The Archbishop is the leader of the Church of the Holy Light and thus an important member of the Alliance's leadership. The archbishop serves as an icon for anyone who is considered to be a follower of the Faith of the Holy Light. More

Archbishop of Milwaukee Timothy Michael Dolan was named Archbishop of Milwaukee by Pope John Paul II on June 25, 2002. He was installed as Milwaukee's 10th archbishop on August 28, 2002, at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. More

The Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation is getting a new look beginning in September. Stay tuned! Archbishop Sheen Around the World This December marks the 30th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton Sheen. More

Installed as Eleventh Archbishop of Santa Fe on September 21, 1993. More

Captors tell church Chaldean archbishop was ill before death Mar 13, 08 12:49 PM CDT (Newser) - The body of the Chaldean Catholic archbishop who was abducted last month has been found in a shallow grave in northern Iraq, the BBC reports. More

, served as the Archbishop of Louisville from 1982 to 2007. Pope John Paul II appointed him to this position in December 1981. Prior to his appointment as Archbishop, Kelly served in key administrative positions within the Catholic church. More

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo says he has no intention of launching a new sect in Africa funded by Rev. More

Archbishop's Annual Appeal Video In English Note: Click the Play button in the lower left corner of the video control panel to start the video. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. More

served as Archbishop of Milwaukee from 1977 - 2002. Retired Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland was born in Patton, Pennsylvania, on April 2, 1927, one of the six children of Basil and Mary Kane Weakland. More

, Archbishop of Dubuque Ordained priest July 30, 1966; appointed Bishop of St. More

Archbishop Mitty High School on Wednesday, November 11th. The following student-athletes made formal commitments to continue their academic and athletic pursuits at the collegiate level. More

Archbishop Lipscomb desires that pedophile priests, under some conditions, be retained in the priesthood. Satanism in the Church 5. BREAKING THE ICE. More

archbishoparchbishop - a bishop of highest rank bishop - a senior member of the Christian clergy having spiritual and administrative authority; appointed in Christian churches to oversee priests or ministers; considered in some churches to be successors of the twelve Apostles of Christmetropolitan More

Catholic Archbishop Of Omaha = (402) 558-3100Address: 100 N 62 St, Omaha, NE 68132 * Send To Phone | * Write a Review 0 Reviews More

Common names

Ange de mer bourgeois in French (français)
Angel shark in English
Angelote ornamentado in Spanish (español)
Archbishop in English
Geschmückter Meerengel in German (Deutsch)
Large-spotted angel shark in English
Ornate angel shark in English
Ornate angel shark in Spanish (español)
ornate angelshark in English
Polorejnok ozdobný in Czech (česky)
Pyntet havengel in Danish (dansk)
Sierlijke zee-engel in Dutch (Nederlands)
Sierlijke zee-engel in Unknown
Spotted angel shark in English
Squatina tergocellata in French (français)
背斑扁鯊 in Mandarin Chinese
背斑扁鯊 in Unknown
背斑扁鲨 in Mandarin Chinese
背斑扁鲨 in Unknown

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Order : Squatiniformes
Family : Squatinidae
Genus : Squatina
Species : Squatina tergocellata
Authority : McCulloch, 1914