Southern chimaera

The Southern chimaera lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 780 - 1095 m environment.

In both elephant fish and Southern chimaera, each lobe can be clearly divided into two layers. The outer layer is composed of small epithelial tubules that are similar to the salt-secreting tubules in the rectal gland of elasmobranchs (Fig. 2A and Fig. 3A). More

En: Southern chimaera - Du: Zuidelijke draakvis Undescribed species. * Chimaera sp. B En: Shortspine chimaera (FAO) - Du: Kortstekeldraakvis Undescribed species. More

Common names

Southern chimaera in English

Order : Chimaeriformes
Family : Chimaeridae
Genus : Chimaera
Species : Chimaera fulva
Authority : Didier, Last & White, 2008