The Messmate lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 800 - 842 m environment.

* messmate - definition of messmate by the Free Online Dictionary ... mess·mate (m s m t) n. A person with whom one eats regularly, as in a military mess. More

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Messmate is a common name for a group of species of tree in the plant genus Eucalyptus, all of which have rough bark. The name is of uncertain origin. More

big schooners also needs to work well with the messmate in seeing that all runs smoothly in the galley. Deckhands must work under the direction of their captain, and get along well with all crew, including cook and messmate. More

messmate - (nautical) an associate with whom you share meals in the same mess (as on a ship)ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freightacquaintance, friend - a person with whom you are acquainted; "I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances"; "we are friends of More

messmate definition mess·mate (mes′māt′) noun a person with whom one regularly has meals, as in the army Etymology: mess, + mate Webster's New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley More

Common names

Koori-kakureuo in Japanese (日本語)
Messmate in English
智利底潛魚 in Mandarin Chinese
智利底潛魚 in Unknown
智利底潜鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
智利底潜鱼 in Unknown

Order : Ophidiiformes
Family : Carapidae
Genus : Echiodon
Species : Echiodon cryomargarites
Authority : Markle, Williams & Olney,1983