Giant sawbelly

The Giant sawbelly lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 237 - 311 m environment.

Image: A Giant Sawbelly from the Fish Collection - Add comment Add tags A Giant Sawbelly from the Fish Collection Description A Giant Sawbelly from the Australian Museum Fish Collection (AMS I.27085-001). More

roughy or giant sawbelly (Hoplostethus gigas), first recorded in 1914 after a fisheries survey in the Bight by fisheries scientist, Dr Harald Dannevig. "This is good news about a species that hasn't been seen in a long time" said Dr Peter Last. More

Common names

Giant sawbelly in English
Mediterranean saw-belly in English
Palefin sawbelly in English
Sawbelly in English
Stor savbug in Danish (dansk)
侧胸棘鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
側胸棘鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
巨胸棘鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
巨胸棘鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Beryciformes
Family : Trachichthyidae
Genus : Hoplostethus
Species : Hoplostethus latus
Authority : McCulloch, 1914