Anomalopidae - The flashlight fish are a family, the Anomalopidae, of beryciform fish.

Anoplogastridae - While understandably named for their disproportionately large, fang-like teeth and unapproachable visage, fangtooths are actually quite small and harmless to humans: the larger of the two species, the common fangtooth, reaches a maximum length of just 16 centimetres ; the shortthorn fangtooth is about half this size.

Trachichthyidae - Slimeheads, also known as roughies and redfish, are mostly small, exceptionally long-lived, deep-sea beryciform fish constituting the family Trachichthyidae .

Berycidae - The Berycidae is a small family of deep sea fishes, related to the squirrelfishes.

Monocentridae - Pinecone fishes are small and unusual beryciform marine fish of the family Monocentridae.

Holocentridae - Myripristinae

Diretmidae - Spinyfins are a family, Diretmidae, of beryciform fishes.

Order : Beryciformes