Dactylopsaron dimorphicum

The Dactylopsaron dimorphicum lives in the bathydemersal, marine, depth range 240 - 345 m environment.

Larvae of Dactylopsaron dimorphicum from oceanic islands in the southeast Pacific - Perciformes: Percophidae - Percophids are a family of small marine benthic fishes common over soft bottoms from More

Dactylopsaron dimorphicum (Parin and Belyanina, 1990) is a dwarf percophid (29 mm maximum body length) previously recorded only at the Cupole (26S; 86W) and Baral (25S; 96W) seamounts located to the west of the Salas y Gomez Ridge and at the More

Dactylopsaron dimorphicum Parin and Belyanina, 1990 Enigmapercis acutirostris Parin, 1990 Enigmapercis reducta Whitley, 1936 - Broad sandfish Hemerocoetes artus Nelson, 1979 Hemerocoetes macrophthalmus Regan, 1914 Hemerocoetes monopterygius (Schneider, 1801) - Opalfish More

* Dactylopsaron dimorphicum Parin & Belyanina, 1990. * Genus Enigmapercis * Enigmapercis acutirostris Parin, 1990. * Broad sandfish, Enigmapercis reducta Whitley, 1936. More

Dactylopsaron dimorphicum Parin, 1990Dactylopsaron dimorphicum Parin & Belyanina, 1990 - 24.4. More

Common names

大指鱸鰧 in Mandarin Chinese
大指鱸鰧 in Unknown
大指鲈鰧 in Mandarin Chinese
大指鲈鰧 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Percophidae
Genus : Dactylopsaron
Species : Dactylopsaron dimorphicum
Authority : Parin & Belyanina,1990