Pacific grenadier

The Pacific grenadier lives in the bathydemersal, non-migratory, marine, depth range 300 - 3700 m , usually 900 - 1300 m environment.

(ear-bone) sections indicate the Pacific grenadier is a long-lived fish that may approach 75 years. To validate this trend, age was determined using the radioactive disequilibria of 210Pb and 226Ra in otolith cores from adult Pacific grenadier. More

Pacific grenadier population cited as the newest example of an over- exploited fishery. More

whether the Pacific grenadier was six or sixty. - In the Monterey Bay area, Pacific grenadier used to be considered a junk fish. More

Pacific grenadier is the most common species sold as fresh or frozen fillets. Giant, popeye, shoulderspot, smooth and California grenadier may also be sold as fillets but are more often used for fish paste, fish meal or fertilizer. More

waters, although Popeye and Pacific grenadier are also common in Alaska. Pacific grenadier dominates the grenadier catch in California, but Smooth, Shoulderspot, and California grenadier are also caught by California commercial fisheries targeting other species. More

Radiometric results indicate the Pacific grenadier can live at least 55.8 years (-7.4, +10.1 years). Growth increment counts from large fish indicate longevity may approach 73 years. More

Common names

Bulawnik szorstki in Polish (polski)
Ibara-hige in Japanese (日本語)
Pacific grenadier in English
Pacifisk langhale in Danish (dansk)
Rough-scaled grenadier in English
roughscale rattail in English
Strong-scaled rattail in English
strongscaled rattail in English
粗鱗突吻鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
粗鳞突吻鳕 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Gadiformes
Family : Macrouridae
Genus : Coryphaenoides
Species : Coryphaenoides acrolepis
Authority : Bean, 1884