The Gobbleguts lives in the reef-associated, brackish, marine environment.

Southern Gobbleguts, Male with eggs in his mouth Photo Details Photographer: John Lewis (see this users gallery) Southern Gobbleguts, Vincentia conspersa, Male with brood of well developed eggs in his mouth,Edithburgh, South Australia, Australia, Southern Ocean More

Gobbleguts the crocodile, who leapt from the water, his jaws snapping closed only inches from the Shoanti’s face. It was here that Wolfom’s luck ran out. More

Gobbleguts with a Ray of Enfeeblement and pulling out her longspear. Torgul managed to retain his grapple, but his attempts to hurl Lamm into the pool failed owing to the old man's squirms, while Lamm's desperate stabs with his shiv glanced off Torgul's armour. More

Common names

Gobbleguts in English
Northern gobbleguts in English
Ruppell's cardinalfish in English
Western gobbleguts in English
拉氏天竺鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
拉氏天竺鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Apogonidae
Genus : Apogon
Species : Apogon rueppellii
Authority : G