Flashlight fish

The Flashlight fish lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

The flashlight fish are a family, the Anomalopidae, of beryciform fish. There are some unrelated fish with similar features, some of which are also called flashlight fish. Notable among these are the deep sea lanternfish, of the family Myctophidae, of which there are over 200 species. More

The flashlight fish, Photoblepharon palpebratus, lives in the deep sea. It has a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria. More

Flashlight Fish Photos Showing This Fish That Produces Light to Attract Its Prey - Top Right Solid Corner The Flashlight Fish, Photoblepharon palpebratus, is a nocturnal fish of the Indo-Pacific with bioluminescent organs under its eyes that More

The Flashlight Fish is also known as the Twofin Flashlight Fish or Lantern Fish and is recognized by having a black body with a blue hue to its dorsal and caudal fins. More

The flashlight fish are a family, the Anomalopidae, of beryciformBeryciformes Beryciformes is an order of ray-finned fishes. This is a very poorly understood group of 16 families, 57 genera, and about 219 species. More

Flashlight Fish make an unforgettable display in the aquarium. One interesting fact about this species is that in certain locales around the world, skippers follow schools of Flashlight Fish in order to safely navigate through reef passes at night. More

The term flashlight fish can either refer to: * a family of fish, the Anomalopidae, also known as the lanterneye fish * any one of a number of individual species, most but not all within More

The flashlight fish is found in the Pacific Ocean from Indonesia, east to the Tuamoto Islands, north to southern Japan and south to the Great Barrier Reef. Flashlight fish hide in coral caves during the day, coming out only at night to feed. More

Flashlight fish, Anomalops katoptron, filmed at the Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum (With special thanks to Dr. Margo Haygood and Deeanne Edwards). SE flag Svenska - Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 and 6. More

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Flashlight fish live in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Red Sea. Diet Like moths drawn to a flame, zooplankton or tiny animals flock around the glowing face of a flashlightfish. More

Use flashlight fish in a SentenceSee web results for flashlight fishSee images of flashlight fish–noun any of several fishes, esp. Photoblepharon palpebratus, inhabiting deep, dark waters and having light organs that can be closed with a lid. More

The flashlight fish uses bioluminescence which means it emits light that is visible. The light becomes visible by the fish covering and uncovering glowing pockets of bacteria found under their eyes. The purpose of this adaptation is to confuse its predator. More

flashlight fish at my feet, well beyond the reach of the waves. Suddenly a single wave, dwarfing the others crashed past us, drenching me and carrying the container out to sea on the backsurge. More

The flashlight fish has light organs under each eye. These organs contain about a billion bioluminescent bacteria. The flashlight fish uses these glowing bacteria-filled organs to locate or lure prey. The bacteria do not harm the flashlight fish. More

Common names

Flashlight fish in English
Flitsligvis in Afrikaans
Indo-pacifisk lanterneøjefisk in Danish (dansk)
Lyktfisk in Swedish (Svenska)
Poisson-phare in French (français)

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Order : Beryciformes
Family : Anomalopidae
Genus : Photoblepharon
Species : Photoblepharon steinitzi
Authority : Abe and Haneda, 1973