Celebes wrasse

The Celebes wrasse lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 3 - 40 m , usually 5 - 30 m environment.

Nothing known about the Celebes wrasse

Common names

Buntogon in Cebuano
Celebes maori wrasse in English
Celebes maoriwrasse in English
Celebes wrasse in English
Dulas in Tagalog
Eared maori wrasse in English
Hananaga-mochino-uo in Japanese (日本語)
Ipus-ipus in Ilokano
Labayan in Cebuano
Labayan in Tagalog
Labayan in Waray-waray
Lubayan in Waray-waray
Mameng in Tagalog
Mochino-uo in Japanese (日本語)
Mul-mul in Davawenyo
Porou in Austronesian (Other)
Porou in Carolinian
Slender maori in English
Slender maori wrasse in English
Turius in Tagalog
Ulugsuy in Tagbanwa Calamian
尖吻唇魚 in Mandarin Chinese
尖吻唇鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
西里伯斯唇魚 in Mandarin Chinese
西里伯斯唇鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
西里伯斯尖唇魚 in Mandarin Chinese
西里伯斯尖唇鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Oxycheilinus
Species : Oxycheilinus celebicus
Authority : Bleeker, 1853