Ordway's brotula

The Ordway's brotula lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

Nothing known about the Ordway's brotula

Common names

Brotula in English
Chilindrina in Spanish (español)
congrio-barbudo in sp
Corvina aguada in Spanish (español)
Cusk-eel in English
fore-spotted brotula in English
Lengua in sp
lengua pintada in Spanish (español)
Ordway's brotula in English
Spotted brotula in English
奥氏须鼬鳚 in Mandarin Chinese
奥氏须鼬鳚 in Unknown
奧氏鬚鼬鳚 in Mandarin Chinese
奧氏鬚鼬鳚 in Unknown

Order : Ophidiiformes
Family : Ophidiidae
Genus : Brotula
Species : Brotula ordwayi
Authority : Hildebrand and Barton, 1949