Spotted dragonet

The Spotted dragonet lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

Spotted dragonet; Blotchfin dragonet; Reticulated dragonet; Spotfin dragonet; Tentacled dragonet; Lancer dragonet; Delicate dragonet; Ocellated dragonet; Mandarin dragonet; Simple-spined dragonet; High-finned dragonet; Total Images : 36 Page No. More

Spotted Dragonet(on special this wknd, established tank with 45lbs of LR/fish recommended) Oscellaris Clown Percula Clown Black Percula Clown Black-spotted Puffer Dogface Puffer Yellowbelly Dogface Puffer Stars And More

the Lesser Spotted Dragonet, but my son suggested he could be "Draconis edulis"..." This image copyright © 2008. More

Characteristics: The spotted dragonet is smaller than the common dragonet, males may reach a body length of 15 cm, the females 11 cm. The second dorsal fin has a number of dark spots. More

Common names

bermuda dragonet in English
Dragoncillo moteado in Spanish (español)
spotted dragonet in English
圆双线 in Mandarin Chinese
圓雙線 in Mandarin Chinese
斑 in Chinese (中文)
斑 in Mandarin Chinese
稀線 in Mandarin Chinese
稀线 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Callionymidae
Genus : Diplogrammus
Species : Diplogrammus pauciradiatus
Authority : Gill, 1865