Twospot turkeyfish

The Twospot turkeyfish, Twinspot lionfish, or Fu Manchu Lionfish, Dendrochirus biocellatus, is a lionfish species.

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Original source: pictures in night dive, 15 meters, Lifou, New Caledonia Author Maupin Delphine
Author: Maupin Delphine
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The Twospot turkeyfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 40 m environment.

The twospot turkeyfish is named for the two dark eyespots (ocelli) ringed with white which are found on the soft rays at the rear of the dorsal fin. However it is not all that unusual to find fish with three eyespots. More

Twospot turkeyfish; Twospot turkeyfish; Turkeyfish; Shortfin turkeyfish; Zebra turkeyfish; Plaintail turkeyfish; Frillfin turkeyfish; Twospot coralfish; Twospot rasbora; Twospot cardinalfish; Twospot hogfish; Twospot astyanax; Twospot lebiasina; Twospot flounder; Twospotted spider mite; Twospot climbing perch; Indian ocean twospot cardinalfish; More

Twospot Turkeyfish can grow up to 13 cm what is approximately 5 inches. So 1 specimen requires at least 1560cm2 of water surface what is approximately 241 square inch. We recommend you to keep it in fish tanks which are medium. More

The Twospot Turkeyfish as the name implies has some resemblance to a turkey. It is also commonly known as Twinspot Lionfish or Fu Manchu Lionfish. More

Common names

Bantol in English
Double-ocellated scorpionfish in English
Hireboshi-minokasago in Japanese (日本語)
Ocellated lionfish in English
Ptérois ocellé in French (français)
Rengassiipisimppu in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Scorpion gojah in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
tagitagikaua in Fijian (vosa Vakaviti)
Toplettet dragefisk in Danish (dansk)
Twinspot lionfish in English
Two-eyed lionfish in English
Twospot turkeyfish in English
双斑短鳍蓑鲉 in Mandarin Chinese
双眼斑多臂蓑鲉 in Mandarin Chinese
狮子鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
獅子魚 in Mandarin Chinese
雙斑短鰭蓑鮋 in Mandarin Chinese
雙眼斑多臂簑鮋 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Scorpaenidae
Genus : Dendrochirus
Species : Dendrochirus biocellatus
Authority : Fowler, 1938