Tetrarogidae - The waspfishes are a family, the Tetrarogidae, of scorpaeniform fishes native to the Indian Ocean and the West Pacific.


Abyssocottidae - The deep-water sculpins are a small family, Abyssocottidae, of sculpins that are almost entirely restricted to Lake Baikal in Siberia, most of them living at depths below 170 m.


Liparidae - Snailfishes are scorpaeniform marine fish of the family Liparidae.

Aploactinidae - Little velvetfishes or simply velvetfishes are a family, the Aploactinidae, of scorpaeniform fishes.

Sebastidae - Sebastidae is a family of marine fish in the order Scorpaeniformes.


Pataecidae - Australian prowfishes are a family, Pataecidae, of scorpaeniform fishes.

Agonidae - The poachers are a family of small bottom-dwelling cold-water marine fish.

Cottidae - Sculpins are a family of fish that make up the Cottidae in the Order Scorpaeniformes.

Congiopodidae - Congiopodidae is a family of scorpaeniform fishes native to the southern hemisphere, commonly known as pigfishes, horsefishes and racehorses.

Platycephalidae - Platycephalidae is a family of marine fishes, most commonly referred to as flatheads.

Psychrolutidae - The fish family Psychrolutidae contains the fatheads or fathead sculpins, including the blobfishes.

Anoplopomatidae - The sablefishes are a family, Anoplopomatidae, of scorpaeniform fishes.

Apistidae - Apistidae is a family of fish that includes the waspfishes.

Cyclopteridae - Lumpsuckers or lumpfish are mostly small scorpaeniform marine fish of the family Cyclopteridae.

Triglidae - Sea robins are bottom-feeding scorpaeniform fishes in the family Triglidae.


Bathylutichthyidae - Bathylutichthys taranetzi is the only member of the fish family Bathylutichthyidae and the only species in the Bathylutichthys genus.


Cottocomephoridae - Baikal sculpins, , are a family of scorpaeniform fishes.

Bembridae - The Deep-water flatheads are a family, the Bembridae, of bottom-dwelling fish.

Hemitripteridae - Sea ravens are a family, Hemitripteridae of scorpaeniform fishes.

Caracanthidae - The coral crouchers, or orbicular velvetfishes, are a family, the Caracanthidae, of Scorpaeniform fishes.

Synanceiidae - See text.


Comephoridae - Golomyankas have a naked, glassy body that is dull and translucent in appearance.

Dactylopteridae - The flying gurnards are a family, Dactylopteridae, of marine fish notable for their greatly enlarged pectoral fins.

Setarchidae - Setarchidae is a small family of scorpionfishes.


Ereuniidae - Ereuniidae is a family of scorpaeniform fishes.


Peristediidae - The armored searobins, or armored gurnards are a family, Peristediidae, of scorpaeniform fishes.


Gnathanacanthidae - This fish is red all over, and instead of scales, its skin is covered with small tubercles, hence its name.

Hexagrammidae - The family of marine fishes Hexagrammidae incorporates the greenlings.

Hoplichthyidae - Hoplichthyidae is a family of scorpaeniform fishes native to the Indo-Pacific Oceans, commonly known as ghost flatheads.



Normanichthyidae - Normanichthys crockeri is a ray-finned fish, the only member of the Normanichthyidae family.



Rhamphocottidae - The grunt sculpin or grunt-fish, Rhamphocottus richardsonii, is the only member of the fish family Rhamphocottidae.

Order : Scorpaeniformes