Cardinal soldierfish

The Cardinal soldierfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range - 22 m environment.

Cardinal soldierfish; Clipperton cardinal soldierfish; Soldierfish; Cardinal; Spinycheek soldierfish; Bigeye soldierfish; Hardscale soldierfish; Pinecone soldierfish; Shadowfin soldierfish; Scarlet soldierfish; Whitespot soldierfish; Yellow soldierfish; Bigscale soldierfish; Blackbar soldierfish; Yellowfin soldierfish; Whitetip soldierfish; Panamic soldierfish; Yellowtip soldierfish; Blotcheye More

* Myripristis gildi - Clipperton Cardinal Soldierfish, Clipperton cardinal soldierfish * Myripristis greenfieldi * Myripristis hexagona - Doubletooth Soldierfish * Myripristis jacobus - Blackbar Soldierfish * Myripristis More

cardinal soldierfish, red, black, eyes, macro, Nikon D100, Ikelite SS100, 105mm Cardinal spotted moray eel, tube, sponge, circle, teeth, face, macro, Nikon D100, Ikelite SS100, 105mm Eel snapper, eel, teeth, face, Nikon D100, Ikelite SS100, 105mm Lunge More

Cardinal Soldierfish (click for more detail) Cardinal Soldierfish (Plectrypops retrospinis) Add Cardinal Soldierfish to your cart $39. More

Cardinal Soldierfish are found in other places, but they can frequently be seen in St. Lucia. Topside: Don't forget to bring at least a point and shoot camera for topside photos. St. More

Common names

Candil in Spanish (español)
Candil cardenal in Spanish (español)
Candil espinoso in Spanish (español)
Candil soldado in Spanish (español)
Cardinal soldierfish in English
Fusquinha in Portuguese (Português)
goggle-eyed squirrelfish in English
琉球鰃 in Mandarin Chinese
琉球鳂 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Beryciformes
Family : Holocentridae
Genus : Plectrypops
Species : Plectrypops retrospinis
Authority : Guichenot, 1853