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The Congo lives in the reef-associated, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 3 - 55 m environment.

the Congolese government to do a better job of protecting its own people and to prosecute offenders in the Congolese military, which is notorious as one of the least disciplined, poorest paid armies anywhere. More

Anthem: Debout Congolais Capital (and largest city) Kinshasaa 4°19′S 15°19′E / 4.317°S 15.317°E / -4.317; 15. More

Congo-Brazzaville or the Congo, is a country in Central Africa. It is bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Angolan exclave province of Cabinda, and the Gulf of Guinea. More

Republic of Congo (DR Congo) has been at the centre of what could be termed Africa's world war. This has left it in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. More

81 Stories on Democratic Republic of the Congo Search this topic Mazembe win African Champs League TP Mazembe claimed the African Champions League after beating Nigerian side FC Heartland 1-0 in the second leg of their final in Lubumbashi on Saturday, winning on away goals. More

The Democratic Republic of Congo, equal in size to the United States east of the Mississippi, is home to vast expanses of pristine rain forest, rare animal species and a large potential for wealth in the form of highly valuable minerals and natural resources. More

Congo, Republic of the Country Specific Information * Recent Embassy Notices for American Citizens On this page » * Country Description * Entry/Exit Requirements More

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Congo has a mixed, developing economy. Mining products, crude petroleum, and natural gas account for more than 90% of the country's exports. More

the Congo River basin and is largely surrounded by high plateaus. At its narrow strip of Atlantic coast, the Congo River empties into the sea. The country straddles the Equator; its climate is humid and tropical. It is among the poorest countries in the world. More

Democratic Republic of Congo's environment; The fallacy of victimization of the Banyamulenge (i.e. More

Congo online and in other media Photo: A Congolese soldier holds a RPG in front of the office of opposition presidential candidate President Bemba in Kinshasa, November 2006. Goran Tomasevic/REUTERS. More

Congo's Tragedy: The War the World Forgot (PDF) British ally behind world's bloodiest conflict D.R. Congo: HRW Report Halts Purchase of Tainted Gold Congo's Coltan Rush (B.B.C. More

in S Congo, it flows generally N as far as Stanley Falls, just S of the equator, where the Lualaba becomes the Congo R. proper. More

CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE = Email this Print Questions or Feedback Cite This or CONGO, formerly ZAIRE, republic, central Africa. More

Congo's economy is not undermined by "unregulated fertility" rates. Civil society has been destroyed by decades of war and over a hundred years of exploitation of Congo's wealth by international interests. More

Congo (1995) More at IMDbPro More

World > Countries > Congo, Republic of Congo, Republic of = Next Facts & Figures Map of Republic of CongoMap of Congo, Republic of President: Denis Sassou-Nguesso (1997) More

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is by far the most biologically rich country in Africa. More

Congo had been considered an arid, uninhabited desert; Stanley found there rich forests, an immense river, vast lakes, and millions of human being to be civilized. More

The next meeting of CoNGO´s Board is scheduled for 9 and 10 November 2009 at the Vienna International Centre (VIC). More

Congo to follow aid workers and local relief efforts that are bringing hope to a forgotten land. "The aid agencies are almost substituting for a social welfare system that hasn't operated in these areas for decades," says Dominic MacSorley, Emergency Director for Concern Worldwide, an international aid organization. More

Congo's ambassador to the United States discusses the volcanic eruption that devastated his country. Feb. 1, 2001: Joseph Kabila, the new president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, talks about his plans to restore peace to his troubled nation. More

Men steer a boat across the Congo river near Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. November 5, 2006. Men steer a boat across the Congo river near Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. November 5, 2006. More

Rick Brennan on the Congo Crisis In this video, director of IRC health programs, Dr. Rick Brennan, describes how survey teams traveled across Congo – by motorbike, canoe, 4-wheel-drive, and on foot - visiting 14,000 homes to gather data. More

Congo Information - - Map of Congo with the peoples discussed in "Art and Life in Africa" CD-ROM General Information for Congo Country: More

Map of Congo, African Nations Description The land we now call the Republic of the Congo was first settled by the illusive and mysterious Pygmies. More

Common names

Conger eel in English
Conger eel in informal latinized name (vernacular concept only)
Congo in English
Congo in Spanish (español)
Congre in Spanish (español)
Congre dentu in French (français)
Congrio in South American Indian (Other)
Congrio in Spanish (español)
Congrio in Sranan
Congrio in Unknown
Congrio dentón in Spanish (español)
Congrio dentudo in Spanish (español)
Congro-dentão in Portuguese (Português)
Hammasankerias in Finnish (suomen kieli)
manytooth conger in English
Manytooth conger eel in English
Úhořovec brazilský in Czech (česky)
多齒康吉鰻 in Mandarin Chinese
多齒康吉鰻 in Unknown
多齿康吉鳗 in Mandarin Chinese
多齿康吉鳗 in Unknown

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