Whitesnout searobin

The Whitesnout searobin lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 30 m environment.

* Whitesnout searobin, Prionotus albirostris Jordan & Bollman, 1890. * Bean's searobin, Prionotus beanii Goode, 1896. * Two-beaked searobin, Prionotus birostratus Richardson, 1844. More

albirostris: The Whitesnout Searobin is gray-brown with a white underside, and it is characterized by white spots on the lips at the corners of the mouth, which gives rise to its name. More

Common names

cabro in sp
Gallina in Spanish (español)
Gallineta margen blanco in Spanish (español)
Grodin nez blanc in French (français)
Grondin nez blanc in French (français)
Hvidsnudet knurhane in Danish (dansk)
Rubio in sp
Rubio rey in Spanish (español)
Searobin in English
Vaca in sp
vaca cariblanca in Spanish (español)
Whitesnout searobin in English
白吻鋸魴鮄 in Mandarin Chinese
白吻鋸魴鮄 in Unknown
白吻锯鲂鮄 in Mandarin Chinese
白吻锯鲂鮄 in Unknown

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Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Triglidae
Genus : Prionotus
Species : Prionotus albirostris
Authority : Jordan & Bollman, 1890