The devilray, Japanese devilray, spinetail devilray, or spinetail mobula is a species of fish in the Mobulidae family.

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The Devilray lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

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The upper surface of the giant devilray is dark, whilst beneath it is mostly white (3). Species in the family Mobulidae are the only living vertebrates to possess three pairs of functioning limbs (4); the pectoral fins, pelvic fins and cephalic fins. More

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stability, the DevilRay instead uses what Dayton, Ohio-based DRA calls an "inverse capped helix winglet" (abbreviated to i-CHeW, I kid you not). In other words, a wingtip that turns downwards and inwards. More

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Common names

Cá Ó doi Nh?t B?n in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cá Ó dơi Nhật Bản in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cawang genul in Jawa
Devil ray in English
Devilray in English
Diable de mer japonais in French (français)
Fafarua in Tuamotuan
Gestekelde duivelsrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Itomaki-ei in Japanese (日本語)
Japanese devil ray in English
Japanese devilray in English
japanischer Rochen in German (Deutsch)
Lampengan in Bali
Manta in English
Manta in sp
manta arpón in Spanish (español)
Manta de aguijón in Spanish (español)
Manta de espina in Spanish (español)
Manta ray in English
Mante aiguillat in French (français)
Mobula in English
Pari lambingan in Bali
Pasa-pasa in Bikol
Pighalet djævlerokke in Danish (dansk)
Plampangan in Jawa
Spinetail devil ray in English
spinetail mobula in English
Stekelstert-mobula in Afrikaans
イトマキエイ in Japanese (日本語)
兰氏鲾鲼 in Mandarin Chinese
日本蝠魟 in Mandarin Chinese
日本蝠鱝 in Mandarin Chinese
日本蝠鲼 in Mandarin Chinese
蘭氏鰏鱝 in Mandarin Chinese
쥐가오리 in Korean (한국어)

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Order : Rajiformes
Family : Myliobatidae
Genus : Mobula
Species : Mobula japanica
Authority : M