Lined dartfish

The Lined dartfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 30 - 50 m , usually 30 - 50 m environment.

The Lined Dartfish has a gray body with black and blue stripes running horizontally along its body. More

* Lined dartfish, Ptereleotris grammica Randall & Lubbock, 1982. * Blue hana goby, Ptereleotris hanae (Jordan & Snyder, 1901). * Hovering goby, Ptereleotris helenae (Randall, 1967). More

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Common names

Eleotris à bande noire in French (français)
Glorious dart-goby in English
Javelot à bande noire in French (français)
Lined dartfish in English
Suji-kuroyurihaze in Japanese (日本語)
縱帶鰭塘鱧 in Mandarin Chinese
纵带鳍塘鳢 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Ptereleotridae
Genus : Ptereleotris
Species : Ptereleotris grammica
Authority : Randall & Lubbock, 1982