Golden damsel

Amblyglyphidodon aureus is a Damselfish from the Western Pacific.

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The Golden damsel lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 3 - 45 m , usually 12 - 45 m environment.

The Golden Damsel can be distinguished by its golden yellow colour and the small bluish to purplish spots on its face. More

The golden damselfish (Amblyglyphidodon aureus) is also known as the yellow damsel because of its golden yellow coloration. It also has small bluish markings on its face. More

The Golden Damsel is a hardy, golden yellow fish perfect for new aquariums or beginner aquarists. They have a milder temperament than many other damsels, but still may express the traditional damsel territorial behaviors with time. More

The Golden Damsel's pearly white body makes them more delicate in color than many of their counterparts. They are a hardy species excellent for reef or community tanks. More

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Golden Damsel (Amblyglyphidodon aureus) More

Golden Damsel beat Stake by three-quarters of a length in Thursday's $46,000 allowance feature at Aqueduct. Estrada was third of seven, another nine lengths backs. More

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Golden Damsel captures first stakes win for sire Gold Token Golden Damsel pressed the pace early and then drew away from The Name Was Gone in the final furlong on Sunday to win the $108,700 Bouwerie Stakes at Belmont Park and become the first stakes More

Golden Damsel with Sea Fan Amblyglyphidodon aureus Solomon Islands (1927-4190 / KCA-00090735 More

Golden Damsel Wins Bouwerie at Belmont = Published: Monday, May 19, 2003 * Sign In to E-Mail * Reprints Article Tools Sponsored By Golden Damsel beat The More

The Golden Damselfish, also known as Yellow Damselfish, has lemon yellow coloring highlighted by upper and lower racing stripes, sometimes of neon blue. As it matures, the colors will fade, and the Golden Damsel will become more aggressive. More

Golden damsel, Juvenile ?, Amblyglyphidodon aureus ? Staghorn damsel, Amblyglyphidodon curacao White-belly damsel, Amblyglyphidodon leucogaster White-belly damsel, Amblyglyphidodon leucogaster White-belly damsel, Night coloration, More

Common names

Amblyglyphidodon aureus in Catalan (Català)
Golden damsel in English
golden damselfish in English
golden devil in English
Golden sergeant in English
Gylden jomfrufisk in Danish (dansk)
Limoulaang in Austronesian (Other)
Limoulaang in Carolinian
Palata in Tagbanwa Calamian
Yamabuki-suzumedai in Japanese (日本語)
金凹牙豆娘魚 in Mandarin Chinese
金凹牙豆娘鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
黃背寬刻齒雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
黄背宽刻齿雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacentridae
Genus : Amblyglyphidodon
Species : Amblyglyphidodon aureus
Authority : Cuvier, 1830