Richmond's wrasse

The Richmond's wrasse lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

Richmond's Wrasse has pale yellow-green coloration with blue stripes from the face to the tail that has a blue margin. There is a yellow patch at the pectoral fin. More

Richmond's Wrasse from the Western Pacific has intense coloration, particularly mature males who are adorned with electric blue lines on the face and head, extending along the body. More

Halichoeres richmondi Thumb Richmond's wrasse Halichoeres scapularis Halichoeres scapularis Thumb Zigzag wrasse Hemigymnus melapterus Hemigymnus melapterus Thumb Blackeye thicklip Labrioides bicolor Labrioides bicolor Thumb Bluestreak cleaner wrasse Labroides bicolor Labroides bicolor Thumb Bicolor cleaner wrasse Labroides dimidiatus Labroides dimidiatus Thumb Bluestreak cleaner More

Common names

Bagundun in Ilokano
Bagundun in Unknown
Buntugon in Cebuano
Buntugon in Unknown
Chain-lined wrasse in English
Labayan in Cebuano
Labayan in Davawenyo
Labayan in Ilokano
Labayan in Tagalog
Labayan in Unknown
Labayan in Waray-waray
Lubayan in Unknown
Lubayan in Waray-waray
Mul-mul in Davawenyo
Mul-mul in Unknown
Richmond's wrasse in English
縱紋海豬魚 in Mandarin Chinese
縱紋海豬魚 in Unknown
纵纹海猪鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
纵纹海猪鱼 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Halichoeres
Species : Halichoeres richmondi
Authority : Fowler and Bean, 1928