Hypoplectrodes annulatus

The Hypoplectrodes annulatus lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

Hypoplectrodes annulatus Gomon et al., 1994; (valid as) - Ellerkeldia jamesoni Paxton et al., 1989Hypoplectrodes jamesoni Ogilby, 1908; (valid as) - 24.4. More

Hypoplectrodes annulatus on Fish Mapper TSN 643272 (Taxonomic Serial Number) Retrieved on from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System online database. This is a cached copy. More

Common names

Blackbanded seaperch in English
Red-banded sea perch in English
Yellow-banded seaperch in English
环带织鮨 in Mandarin Chinese
環帶織鮨 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Serranidae
Genus : Hypoplectrodes
Species : Hypoplectrodes annulatus
Authority : G