Deep Blue Chromis

Chromis abyssus was the first species entered into the ZooBank registry with a timestamp of 2008-01-01T00:00:02, and it was selected as one of The Top 10 New Species described in 2008 by The International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University and an international committee of taxonomists.

The Deep Blue Chromis lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 107 - 139 m environment.

Deep blue Deep Blue Chromis, or Chromis abyssus, was found in a deep coral reef off one of the Palau islands in the Pacific Ocean. According to ASU's site, its discovery shows "how little we know of deep-reef biodiversity. More

Deep Blue Chromis (Chromis abyssus) is a species of Chromis first discovered in 1997 and described in 2008. The 8 centimetres (3. More

Deep blue chromis is famous because it was the first organism registered in Zoobank, a new taxonomic database. Blue fish Deep Blue Chromis photo credit Bishop Museum / Richard Pyle. More

Deep blue chromis is a chromis discovered in 1997 and described in 2008 by Richard L. Pyle, John L. Earle, Brian D. Greene. More

New Deep Blue Chromis (chromis abyssus) found = RSS Reef Forum threads * Lots of aquarium tanks for sale * Hi from Peoria. More

This new damselfish, the deep blue chromis (Chromis abyssus), has kept its vivid blue spots well hidden from humans, hanging around reefs and rock outcroppings below 375 feet (115 meters) in the western Pacific region around Palau, an island country east of the Philippines. More

Common names

Chromis abyssus in Catalan (CatalĂ )
Deep Blue Chromis in English

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacentridae
Genus : Chromis
Species : Chromis abyssus
Authority : Pyle, Earle & Greene, 2008