Whitespotted pygmy filefish

The Whitespotted pygmy filefish lives in the reef-associated, oceanodromous, marine environment.

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Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish (Rudarius ercodes) in Izu Japan | Tony Wu's Underwater Photography Blog says: 19 Apr 09 at 19:24 filefish have signature pouty lips similar to the Japanese inflator filefish, but their More

Common names

Amimehagi in Japanese (日本語)
White-spotted pygmy filefish in English
Whitespotted pygmy filefish in English
粗皮魨 in Mandarin Chinese
粗皮魨 in Unknown
粗皮鲀 in Mandarin Chinese
粗皮鲀 in Unknown
그물코쥐치 in Korean (한국어)

Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Monacanthidae
Genus : Rudarius
Species : Rudarius ercodes
Authority : Jordan & Fowler, 1902