Dogtooth snapper

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The Dogtooth snapper lives in the reef-associated, brackish, marine, depth range 2 - 63 m environment.

The dogtooth snapper is one of the more formidable predators in Mexican waters. They are a challenge for the fisherman asthey always seek shelter in submerged caves. More

The best way to distinguish is that the Dogtooth Snapper has a lighter triangle of color with a blue band under the eye, and large, sharp fangs in the front, leading to its common name. These fangs can deliver a painful bite, even in a small fish. More

grouper, dogtooth snapper and amberjack are just some of the other species that also might be encountered on any given day. More

The dogtooth snapper bite has now shifted from inshore to the offshore high spots, anglers reported snapper to 40 pounds or larger from both the Palmilla Point and the Gordo Banks, drift fishing with bolito is always one of the best techniques to More

Holy snapper! Walker caught this fifty pound dogtooth snapper while sitting in Hidden Treasure's front yard! 06/13/08 1:05 AM Image Details Da Caribbean, Mon! BVIPirate. More

65 yellowtail snapper, 16 dogtooth snapper, 22 sierra, 110 Mexican bonito, 15 jack crevalle and 32 roosterfish. San Jose del Cabo sportfishing fleets have been concentrating most of their effort from the 95 spot to Vinorama. More

while Brett spears a huge dogtooth snapper that Chef Carlos Cham later turns into a tasty pargo feast in in this week's Gourmet Galley presented by Red Lobster. More

Common names

Baarsje in Dutch (Nederlands)
Bers in Dutch (Nederlands)
Bers in Papiamento
Berslag in Dutch (Nederlands)
Cají in Spanish (español)
Cajisote in Spanish (español)
Caloushou in Wayuu
Caranha in Portuguese (Português)
Carapitinga in Portuguese (Português)
Dentão in Portuguese (Português)
Dogtooth snapper in English
Hedo in Papiamento
Lucjan panek in Polish (polski)
Lutjanus apodus in Catalan (Català)
Maestro in Spanish (español)
Mulata in Portuguese (Português)
Pagre dentchien in French (français)
Pargo in Spanish (español)
Pargo amarillo in Spanish (español)
pargo canchix in Spanish (español)
Pargo chino in Spanish (español)
Pargo común in Spanish (español)
Pargo cotorro in Spanish (español)
Pargo mulato in Spanish (español)
Pargo rubio in Spanish (español)
Pargo-mulato in Portuguese (Português)
Parque in French (français)
Sarde in French (français)
Sarde in Papiamento
Sarde dents-de-chien in French (français)
Schnapper in German (Deutsch)
schoolmaster in English
schoolmaster snapper in English
Schooly in English
Snapper in German (Deutsch)
Spidssnudet snapper in Danish (dansk)
Vermelho in Portuguese (Português)
Vivaneau dent-chien in French (français)
кахи in Russian (русский язык)
луциан-хахи in Russian (русский язык)
наставник in Russian (русский язык)
八带笛鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
八帶笛鯛 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Lutjanidae
Genus : Lutjanus
Species : Lutjanus apodus
Authority : Walbaum, 1792