Duskyshoulder trevally

The duskyshoulder trevally is classified within the genus Carangoides, a group of fish commonly called jacks and trevallies.

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The Duskyshoulder trevally lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range - 50 m environment.

The duskyshoulder trevally is distributed through the eastern Indian and western Pacific Oceans, ranging from eastern India to northern Australia and Taiwan. More

The duskyshoulder trevally, Carangoides humerosus , is a species of small inshore marine fish in the jack family, Carangidae. More

Duskyshoulder trevally; Trevally; Bluefin trevally; Tille trevally; Giant trevally; Longfin trevally; Orangespotted trevally; Shadow trevally; Whitefin trevally; Longnose trevally; Yellowspotted trevally; Coastal trevally; Longrakered trevally; Silvermouth trevally; Golden trevally; Cleftbelly trevally; Diamond trevally; Blacktip trevally; Bluespotted trevally; White trevally; More

Common names

Dusky shoulder trevally in English
Duskyshoulder trevally in English
Epaulet trevally in English
Epaulette trevally in English
大眼若鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
大眼若鲹 in Mandarin Chinese
肩斑若鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
肩斑若鲹 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Carangoides
Species : Carangoides humerosus
Authority : McCulloch, 1915