Fairy basslet

The fish begins as a dark purple starting at the head which fades mid-body to yellow at the tail.

The Fairy basslet lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 60 m , usually 1 - 40 m environment.

Fairy Basslet is that these fish can change sex, from female to male. Fairy Basslet are also called Royal Gramma and Gramma Loreto. More

The fairy basslet has a distinctive colour pattern with a bright blue to purple head and bright yellow rear, typically with some yellow lines on the cheeks just over the gill covers (2), a dark line running diagonally through the eye (3), and a black More

The Fairy Basslet is also known as the Royal Gramma primarily by the aquarium trade. Fairy Basslets are very common fish in most parts of Florida and the Caribbean. More

A shy Fairy Basslet hovers over brain coral. The green hue of the coral is due to the presence of symbiotic algae within its cells. More

A true beauty, the Fairy Basslet or Royal Gramma originally comes from deeper waters in the caribbean but many are now being tank raised. They can usually be found at prices ranging from $10-$30 USD. More

Food, Feeding and Hunting : The small fairy basslets feed mainly on zooplankton, although the larger species may catch small marine animals and fish. More

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· The fairy basslet is also known as the “royal gramma.” · The fairy basslet is one of the smallest fish living amongst tropical coral reefs. · They have no defense against predators other than their large numbers. More

Anthias is also known as the Rainbow Fairy Basslet or Ventralis Anthias, does well when kept alone and requires a 30 gallon tank. Males tend to fight and may harass females unless the tank is larger - at least 50 gallons. More

The fairy basslet (Gramma loreto) is a good species for beginning aquarists. For a saltwater fish it is easy to feed and will usually even accept dry food. It is a colorful fish that will add beauty to your aquarium. More

A true beauty, the Fairy Basslet originally is found in deep waters and is a nice encounter, the front half of their body is purple/orchid and changes midway to a vibrant yellow. More

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Fairy basslets feed aggressively on any fine meaty foods. In the wild, crustaceans, fish eggs and larvae. The more frequent and smaller the feedings, the better. Provide rockwork and space to swim. More

The Fairy Basslet is a small, perchlike fish with a round outline to the top of its head and elongated pelvic fins. The color of this fish makes it unmistakable. More

December Diamonds Fairy Basslet Aquatic Ornament is inspired by a small colorful fish that have a wide range of colors and patterms, however, like the many other reef fish, the males are more vividly colored than the females. More

Common names

fairy basslet in English
Feabborre in Swedish (Svenska)
Feenbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Gramma loreto in French (français)
Gramma loreto in Polish (polski)
Konge-febars in Danish (dansk)
Königs-Feenbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Loretka in Polish (polski)
Loreto in Portuguese (Português)
Loreto in Spanish (español)
Merito rabirrubio in Spanish (español)
royal gramma in English
線鮨 in Mandarin Chinese
線鮨 in Unknown
线鮨 in Mandarin Chinese
线鮨 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Grammatidae
Genus : Gramma
Species : Gramma loreto
Authority : Poey, 1868