Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus

The Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 2 - 2 m environment.

Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus, a new species of morwong (Pisces: Cheilodactylidae) from Western Australia, with a key to the cheilodactylid fishes of Australia. Records W. Aust Cheilognathopalatoschisis and its prophylaxis in animal experiments Cheilognathoschisis in Texel sheep Cheilolejeunea decursiva (Sande Lac.) R. More

- lip Morwong Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus is mostly only seen in south West Australia. It is typical of Morwongs in general and allows close approach by divers. More

Common names

Redlip morwong in English
紅唇唇指 in Mandarin Chinese
紅唇唇指 in Unknown
红唇唇指 in Mandarin Chinese
红唇唇指 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cheilodactylidae
Genus : Cheilodactylus
Species : Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus
Authority : Allen & Heemstra,1976