The Sand diver, or Synodus intermedius is a species of lizardfish found aroud Bermuda and the northern Gulf of Mexico reaching to the Guianas.

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The Lizardfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 3 - 320 m environment.

the deepest dwelling lizardfish lives in waters no more than 400 metres (1,300 ft). Some species in the subfamily Harpadontinae even live in brackish estuaries. They prefer sandy environments, and typically have body colours that help to camouflage them in such environments. More

Lizardfish (SS-373) was laid down 14 March 1944 by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wis.; launched 16 July 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Lausdale G. Sasscer; wife of Congressman Sasscer of Maryland; and commissioned 30 December 1944, Comdr. Ovid M. Butler in command. More

USS Lizardfish (SS-373), a Balao-class submarine, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the lizardfish, a slender marine fish having a scaly lizardlike head and large mouth. Lizardfish (SS-373) was laid down 14 March 1944 by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wisc. More

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lizardfish definition liz·ard·fish (-fis̸h′) noun pl. More

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Lizardfishes are sedimentary bottom dwellers found sitting motionless, perched on their pectoral fins, or buried in the sand with one eye exposed, waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey. They are voracious predators feeding primarily on small fishes, krill, squid, and shrimp. More

lizardfish or liz·ard·fish·es Any of various bottom-dwelling, large-mouthed fishes of the family Synodontidae of warm seas, having a lizardlike head. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. More

No picture of the Lizardfish available at this time. DATE VESSEL TYPE NAME TONNAGE LOCATION Jul. More

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But Inshore Lizardfish are uncommon in the northern part of their range. Inshore Lizardfish are a relatively small fish reaching lengths of about 18 inches long. More

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A small edible lizardfish (Harpodon nehereus) of Asia, having a thin, nearly transparent body. 2. The dried salted flesh of this fish that is used in India as a relish, usually with curry. More

Identification: The Lizardfish color is typically shades of brown to olive dorsally, yellow to white ventrally. Young fish have sides that are darkly mottled; these blotches fade in older fishes. They are round in cross-section and very slender. More

one of 16 known species of Lizardfish found in Hawai'i, out of the 50 species found worldwide. The Lizardfish is all about teeth. It has rows of teeth and even its tongue is lined with teeth. More

Common names

Al-alibot in Ilokano
Anoli de sable in French (français)
Calango in Portuguese (Português)
chile manchado in Spanish (español)
doncella in Spanish (español)
Guaripete in Spanish (español)
Guaripete amarillo in Spanish (español)
guavina in Spanish (español)
Huavina in Spanish (español)
Jagarto in Spanish (español)
Kalaso in Tagalog
Karaho in Cebuano
Kuti-kuti in Agutaynen
Lagartixa in Portuguese (Português)
lagarto in Spanish (español)
Lagarto gigante in Spanish (español)
Lagarto manchado in Spanish (español)
Lagarto mato in Spanish (español)
Lagarto-do-mar in Portuguese (Português)
Lizardfish in English
Manuelito in Spanish (español)
Nishi-aka-eso in Japanese (日本語)
Peixe-lagarto in Portuguese (Português)
Sand diver in English
Talad in Waray-waray
Talho in Waray-waray
Tiki-tiki in Cebuano
Tiki-tiki in Davawenyo
Tiki-tiki in Kuyunon
Tiki-tiki in Tagalog
Tira-vira in Portuguese (Português)
Traíra in Portuguese (Português)
Traíra-branca in Portuguese (Português)
Traíra-das pedras in Portuguese (Português)
Traíra-de-água-salgada in Portuguese (Português)
Traíra-do-mar in Portuguese (Português)
Traíra-preta in Portuguese (Português)
Tuko in Tagalog
Tuqueque in Wayuu
Yua awa in Papiamento
Yuan'I awa in Papiamento
中間狗母魚 in Mandarin Chinese
中间狗母鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Aulopiformes
Family : Synodontidae
Genus : Synodus
Species : Synodus intermedius
Authority : Spix & Agassiz, 1829