Notosudidae - Waryfishes are deep-sea aulopiform fishes in the small family Notosudidae.

Alepisauridae - Lancetfishes are large oceanic predatory fishes in the genus Alepisaurus , the only living genus in the family Alepisauridae.

Anotopteridae - The daggertooths are a genus of aulopiform fish, the sole genus of the family Anotopteridae.

Paralepididae - Barracudinas are about 50 species of marine fishes of the family Paralepididae, found almost worldwide in deep waters.

Aulopidae - The Aulopidae are a small family of aulopiform fish, containing the single genus Aulopus.

Ipnopidae - Ipnopidae is a family of fishes in the order Aulopiformes.


Bathysauridae - Macristium

Scopelarchidae - The pearleyes are a family, Scopelarchidae, of aulopiform fishes, distinguished by their unique visual system, with two retinas in each eye.

Chlorophthalmidae - Greeneyes are deep-sea aulopiform marine fishes in the small family Chlorophthalmidae.


Evermannellidae - Sabertooth fishes are small, fierce-looking deep-sea aulopiform fish comprising the family Evermannellidae.

Giganturidae - Telescopefish are small, deep-sea aulopiform fish comprising the small family Giganturidae.

Synodontidae - The Lizardfishes are a family, the Synodontidae, of aulopiform fish.

Omosudidae - The large head is dominated by a massive, truncated lower jaw and large, high-set eyes.

Paraulopidae - Paraulopus is the only genus in the family Paraulopidae, a family of grinners in the order Aulopiformes.


Pseudotrichonotidae - The Pseudotrichonotidae are a small family of aulopiform fish, consisting of just two species in a single genus, Pseudotrichonotus.

Order : Aulopiformes