The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet , is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade.

The Mandarinfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 18 m , usually 1 - 18 m environment.

The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus), is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade. The mandarinfish is native to the Pacific, ranging approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia. More

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The Mandarinfish was first described as Callionymus splendidus in 1927 by Albert William Herre, an American ichthyologist working in the Philippines. It was later placed in genus Synchiropus. More

mandarinfish, or mandarin dragonet, is a member of the dragonet family (Callionymidae), which consists of around 125 species. The name mandarinfish is said to be derived from the brightly colored, silk Mandarin Chinese robes of the 19th century. More

Mandarinfish - photo courtesy of Silent Symphony Dusk is the moment when one of the most fascinating events in the marine world occurs; the mating of mandarinfish. More

The Mandarinfish is one of the most striking of the smaller marine fish! It is probably the fish that is singly most responsible for enticing people into the marine aquarium hobby! Mandarinfish usually move around a lot in search of food and are More

shy, observant divers are most likely to see mandarinfish in shallow protected lagoons and inshore reefs at depths of one to eighteen meters. More

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Mandarinfish or Green Mandarin, are a maze-like combination of blue, orange, and green. Males may be distinguished from females by their more-elongated first dorsal spine. It is extremely popular with aquarists because of its unusual beauty. More

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Mandarinfish is such a beautiful fish. Mandarinfish only eat the copecods and amiphods living in live rock, so do not purchase them unless you have a sufficient amount of live rock in your tank to support them. More

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blue, green and orange striations, pairs of mandarinfish ply tips of finger coral and mate cheek-to-cheek in the late afternoon. Frog-kicking at 15 feet with a dive light in one hand and Nikonos camera in the other, I strain to locate these colorful hummingbirds of the reef. More

The green mandarinfish comes from the West-Pacific ocean region. They are bottom dwelling fish. The green mandarinfish will do best in an aquarium that has plenty of active and health live rock and live sand that maintains populations of brine shrimp, ... More

divers rarely get to see the Mandarinfish, a colourful reef fish that is so shy, it only comes out of hiding for a half-hour a day. Jonathan travels to the south Pacific to film spawning Mandarinfish and witnesses an incredible secret ritual. More

the mandarinfish comes from its extremely vivid coloration, evoking the robes of an Imperial Chinese mandarin. Despite their popularity in the aquarium trade, mandarinfish are considered difficult to keep, as their feeding habits are very specific. More

Mandarinfish normally live in this coral/rubble. They are seen at about 5.15 to 5.45 every day at the house reef at Lembeh Resort. Two males are fighting in the beginning. They are usually shy. More

The Best Mandarinfish Spot in Palau! And a "free" dive at that! Carol @ Happy-hour with the frisky Mandarinfish Carol-getting some unsolicited help while photoing Mandarinfish The dock More

mandarinfish presents an exaggerated facade with its colorful array of glorious, ornate fins. Research has shown a posture similar to this in examples of male-to-male aggression and courtship displays. More

Common names

Bunog in Cebuano
Bunog in Davawenyo
Mandalina balığı in Turkish (Türkçe)
Mandarin fish in Unknown
Mandarin-fish in English
Mandarinfësch in Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch)
Mandarinfisch in German (Deutsch)
mandarinfish in English
Mandarinfisk in Danish (dansk)
Mandaryn wspaniały in Polish (polski)
Nangka-tangka in Waray-waray
Nishiki-teguri in Japanese (日本語)
Synchiropus splendidus in Azerbaijani (azərbaycan dili)
Synchiropus splendidus in French (français)
Synchiropus splendidus in Italian (Italiano)
Synchiropus splendidus in Spanish (español)
Talangka in Waray-waray
Vřeténka mandarín in Czech (česky)
Мандаринка (рыба) in Russian (русский язык)
花斑翼连鳍 in Mandarin Chinese
花斑翼連鰭 in Mandarin Chinese
花斑连鳍 in Mandarin Chinese
花斑連鰭 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Callionymidae
Genus : Synchiropus
Species : Synchiropus splendidus
Authority : Herre, 1927