Wrought iron butterflyfish

The Wrought iron butterflyfish lives in the reef-associated, oceanodromous, marine, depth range - 7 m environment.

The Wrought Iron Butterflyfish is one of the hardiest Chaetodons, but also one of the least owned. If the price tag does not turn an aquarist away, usually their cool water needs will. Found only off the southern and west coasts of Japan, C. More

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Common names

Smedejernsfanefisk in Danish (dansk)
Wrought iron butterflyfish in English
Y˚zen in Japanese (日本語)
Yûzen in Japanese (日本語)
繡蝴蝶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
繡蝴蝶魚 in Unknown
绣蝴蝶鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
绣蝴蝶鱼 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Chaetodontidae
Genus : Chaetodon
Species : Chaetodon daedalma
Authority : Jordan and Fowler, 1902