Panther fish

The Panther Grouper is commonly kept in marine aquariums.

The Panther fish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 2 - 40 m environment.

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The panther fish, Coronado, grouper (Chronicle hive) is suitable for an aquarium containing triggers and lionfish. It is a little less solitary than other groupers. Another untypical grouper is the marine beta (Calliopes & veils), a beautifully marked, lowbrow swimmer. More

Common names

Abo-abo in Visayan
Alatan in Tagalog
Amidon in Bikol
Apahap in Tagalog
Badiangon in Cebuano
Bantol in Visayan
Baraka in Bikol
Baramundi cod in English
barramundi cod in English
Barramundi rock-cod in English
Barrimundi cod in English
Bato-bato in Ilokano
Batol in Visayan
Bleeker's group in English
Boggel-klipkabeljou in Afrikaans
Bulgan in Bikol
Cá Mú d?t in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Ca mu det in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Cromileptes altivelis in French (français)
Cromileptes altivelis in Portuguese (Português)
Cromileptes altivelis in Swedish (Svenska)
Demara in Gela
Dhagay in Tokelauan
Flatfish grouper in English
Garoupa corcunda in Portuguese (Português)
Grace Kelly Zackenbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Gracekelly in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Grisette in French (français)
High-finned grouper in English
Highfinned grouper in English
Hump-back rock-cod in English
humpback grouper in English
Humpback rockcod in English
Humpback sea-bass in English
Humpback seabass in English
Humpbacked cod in English
Iga piu in Gela
Iner in Visayan
Inid in Bikol
Inid in Hiligaynon
Jahong in Visayan
Kakab in Ilokano
Kalava in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Kaltang in Tagalog
Kamelbars in Danish (dansk)
Kamelfisk in Danish (dansk)
Kerapu bebek in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
Kerapu belida in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Kerapu sonoh in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Kerapu tikus in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Kigting in Bikol
Kiriwa in Numee
Kko in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Kubing in Chavacano
Kugtong in Visayan
Kugtung in Bikol
Kulapo in Tagalog
Kulapo kubing in Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug
Kupin in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Kurapo in Ilokano
Kurapu in Ilokano
Labungan in Visayan
Lao shu hou in Mandarin Chinese
Lapolapong manotchot in Tagalog
Lapu lapu in Tagalog
Lapu-lapu in Davawenyo
Lapu-lapu in Kapampangan
Lapu-lapu in Kuyunon
Lapu-lapu in Tagalog
Lapu-lapung lupot in Tagalog
Lapu-lapung señorita in Tagalog
Leopardabborre in Swedish (Svenska)
Liglig in Hiligaynon
Lilug in Visayan
Loche truite in French (français)
Loche voile in French (français)
Lubo in Tagalog
Mamonbong in Visayan
Mantis in Chavacano
Manutsot in Bikol
Maskad in Ilokano
Matkad in Ilokano
Mero jorobado in Spanish (español)
Mero-mero in Waray-waray
Mérou bossu in French (français)
Milo-milo in Cebuano
Milô-milô in Davawenyo
Miro-miro in Tagalog
Miro-miro in Visayan
Muyopuyo in Bikol
Mwananuya in Misima-Paneati
Nga-tauk-tu in Burmese (ဗမာစာ)
Nuo mi hou in Mandarin Chinese
Ogaw in Visayan
Panter in Agutaynen
Panter in Cebuano
panther fish in English
Panther grouper in English
Pantherfisch in German (Deutsch)
Pantherfish in English
Pla karang-naa-ngon in Thai (ไทย)
Plum pudding cod in English
Polka dot cod in English
Polka-dot grouper in English
Polkadot grouper in English
Pore in English
Pore in Kumak
Pugapo in Visayan
Pugayo in Visayan
Red fish in English
Salingukod in Visayan
Sarasa-hata in Japanese (日本語)
Sarungsong in Bikol
señorita in English
señorita in Kagayanen
señorita in Kuyunon
Sibog in Visayan
Sigapo in Tagalog
Sogilo ni kolo in Gela
Strzępiel panterka in Polish (polski)
Subla in Visayan
Sunu tikus in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Tabadlo in Visayan
Tangk-an in Visayan
Ting-ad in Visayan
Tingag in Waray-waray
കലവ in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
ปลากะรังหน้างอน in Thai (ไทย)
石斑 in Mandarin Chinese
老鼠斑 in Mandarin Chinese
过鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
過魚 in Mandarin Chinese
駝背鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
駝背鱸(扁鮨) in Mandarin Chinese
驼背鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
驼背鲈(扁鮨) in Mandarin Chinese
鱠 in Mandarin Chinese
鲙 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Serranidae
Genus : Cromileptes
Species : Cromileptes altivelis
Authority : Valenciennes, 1828