Double-ended pipefish

The Double-ended pipefish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 42 m environment.

Double-ended Pipefish hiding in seagrass bed, picture by Brandon Cole jw1367. Sea Star Shrimp (Periclimenes soror), 1" long, lives in symbiotic assoction with sea star stock photograph of commensal Sea Star Shrimp (Periclimenes soror) lq9203. More

The double-ended pipefish is a very poor swimmer and usually anchors itself to the seagrass by wrapping the end of its prehensile tail around the grass blade. More

Common names

Bend stick pipefish in English
Bent stick pipefish in English
Bentstick pipefish in English
Cá Chìa vôi mõm dài in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
chocolate pipefish in English
Dagum-dagum in Tagalog
Dagum-dagum in Visayan
Double-ended pipefish in English
Dubbelent-pypvis in Afrikaans
Ringed pipefish in English
Short-tailed pipefish in English
Spotted pipefish in English
Stick pipefish in English
Syngnathe courbé in French (français)
Wakayôji in Japanese (日本語)
平吻眶海龍 in Mandarin Chinese
平吻眶海龙 in Mandarin Chinese
短尾粗吻海龍 in Mandarin Chinese
短尾粗吻海龙 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Syngnathiformes
Family : Syngnathidae
Genus : Trachyrhamphus
Species : Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus
Authority : Bleeker, 1857